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The Coins of Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus [Trajan]

Site overview

     This is mainly a site about my Trajan coin collection; however, as an educator I wanted to make it more so that it could be used as a resource by students and collectors. Thus, there are links throughout to more in-depth discussions of certain coins; to off-site websites regarding cities, provinces, world history of the time; and to links and other collections. I hope this site proves useful for students, teachers, scholars, and collectors. Just start exploring by clicking the links above. Also note that there are very rare and even unique coins. Some are used as illustrations in the new RPC III publication. Explore and enjoy! Hopefully the site will continuously be expanded.
     Several Years ago I decided to sell off my coin collections so that I could focus on the coins of Trajan. With a moderate budget I decided against purchasing gold aureii and because I already had a nice group of Trajan denarii, decided to concentrate on Trajan's coins with a special focus on coins minted in the provinces. According to the new "Roman Provincial Coins" (RPC III) publication, Over 450 cities other than Rome minted coins for Nerva, Trajan, and Hadrian and that results in a lot of searching through auctions and dealer sites.
Please note the these coins are NOT for sale - unless I get a super fantastic offer.

Big Thanks!!

My original site "In Praise of the Celators" was hosted free for 15 years on the site set up by Bill Puetz. This is amazing because my site grew to include over 3000 images!! The server space must have been huge. I encourage all visitors to view other sites at and to visit the commercial side of Bill's endeavour - which has become the largest online ancient coin market on the planet. Modern coin sellers are also there.

Previous Site

My previous site "In Praise of the Celators" is still alive and kicking on I did delete some content, so some links and areas may be down (like anything starting with the letter A). There are still some great resources there.

We Made it to RPCIII!

At least 24 of the provincial coins on this site are plate coins or are illustrated in the new Roman Provincial Coins III. They are noted in the descriptions. Update: In October 2017 I was honored to have Dr. Michel Amandry review the provincial coins on my sites. He noted a couple of errors, but also asked permission to add 26 additional coins to RPC III, bringing the total in RPC to 50.

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